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IBC Tote Mixer - Re-Suspend Solids in Liquid Products

Jan 12

A tote mixer can help re-suspend settled solids in liquid products that have become stratified during storage and transfer. Portable tote mixers are designed to be used by distributors, on-site contractors and others to quickly restore the quality of liquid products to their original state. Several tote mixer designs are available, depending on the specific application and product properties, such as density and viscosity. The selection of an IBC tote mixer should be based on the desired mixing results and the degree of agitation needed. White Mountain Process specialists can assist in selecting a mixer construction, type, size and style based on the specific requirements of the product in question.

A food-grade stainless steel IBC Tote Mixers agitator uses clean compressed air or nitrogen gas to quickly mix and agitate liquids in the intermediate bulk container tank. The large air mixing bubbles do not entrain the product, ensuring that no harmful particles enter the liquid food product during the IBC tote mixer agitation process. The IBC tote mixer is safe for use with a wide variety of liquid food products in any size IBC tank.

Tote mixers can also be used to mix and agitate corrosive chemicals and other hazardous materials. They can be used with industrial and commercial sized IBC tote tanks as well as smaller single-use tote containers. They can be powered by an air motor or direct-coupled to an electric motor for increased power and speed. An IBC tote mixer can be a cost-effective solution for mixing heavy abrasive solids and liquids with high viscosities that require low speeds.

Integrated tote mixers feature a drive motor and mixing shaft built directly into the lid of an IBC tote or drum. These mixers are the most economical choice for mixing water-like materials and can be installed easily by removing the existing cap and screwing on the tote lid mixer. This design reduces overall installation time and eliminates the need for a separate agitator or motor, saving valuable workspace.

IBC tote mixers can be used in a wide variety of applications, including blending of various liquids, coatings and lubricants. They can also be used to mix heat sensitive materials, such as pharmaceuticals and biofuels. In addition, tote mixers can be used in applications that require an IBC tote heater blanket to help reduce the time-to-temperature of liquids in the tank.

An IBC Tote Mixer can be used in a wide variety of industries, including the automotive, aerospace, electronics and marine fields. It is important to note that when using a tote mixer for such purposes, it is necessary to ensure that the IBC tote tank is thoroughly cleaned prior to use and that no contaminants are introduced into the product. The tote mixer must be sized for the liquid in the container and the tote container must be structurally sound to prevent tipping. Taking these factors into consideration is the best way to ensure that an IBC Tote Mixer will function properly in any industry.

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