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What Does a Gemologist Do

Sep 27
Gemologists use their knowledge to identify, evaluate, and appraise precious gemstones and diamonds. Gemologists are a vital part of the jewelry industry, providing customers with accurate and reliable information about the quality of their purchase. This career requires extensive hands-on experience and a thorough understanding of the entire gemological process. Gemologists may also be responsible for educating clients on how to care for their jewels.

A Gemologist can find employment in a variety of different settings. Some are self-employed and run their own business, while others work in retail or jewelry stores as a bench jeweler or gemologist. These individuals work with customers and help them select and design Custom Jewelry that utilizes natural and synthetic gemstones as well as diamonds. Gemologists can also work in a research lab studying new gems and gemstone treatments.

Many people who have a passion for jewelry and a love for gems can become Gemologists. Those interested in this profession should first consider the type of gemstones and diamonds they want to specialize in, and then choose an educational path that will allow them to pursue those areas. An associate's or bachelor's degree in geology, gemology, or a similar field is a good option for those who want to get started in the field. Then, a gemology certification course is the next step to becoming certified as a Gemologist. These courses usually last between three months and a year, and they provide students with the knowledge to identify and evaluate colored gemstones and perform diamond grading.

Once a Gemologist has earned their certification, they can start searching for jobs. The most common way to get a job as a Gemologist is by working in the jewelry industry. There are many reputable retailers that need a Gemologist on staff to assist with sales and grading, as well as repair and restore customer's jewelry. Some Gemologists prefer the fast-paced environment of retail and enjoy working directly with customers.

Then there are those that like to travel and stay on top of the latest jewelry trends. These individuals often work as a wholesale Gemologist, selecting gemstones from locales around the world for import and selling them to retailers for a profit. Finally, some gemologists work for auction houses and work on a team to authenticate and appraise gems and jewelry that will be offered up for sale.

Some Gemologists choose to teach as a career, and this is an excellent choice for those who have a strong interest in the natural sciences and want to share that knowledge with young minds. Depending on the level of education that a Gemologist has, they can typically teach in a middle school, high school or college. This type of teaching can include a range of scientific topics, including rocks, minerals and the earth's ecosystem. Some of these professionals also have the opportunity to teach lab and field skills, such as drilling and surveying. This can help them come into contact with gems and other materials that they would otherwise not be exposed to.

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